Sustainable Development,
Creating infinite possibilities

At the time of the sustainable development of TID,
We also contribute to the cooperative development between supplier and customers.
Only the sustainable development of industrial chain could achieve more impossibilities.

Trust is a communication
of higher value.

We always try to make TID to be a more creditable enterprise.


We know that well--Even product has little flaw,which all could endanger life.

The only invariability is variety.

Focusing on variety, embracing variety. Or eliminated by the changeable world.

Creation drive wonderful life
Accompany with safety

Maintaining leading creative technology,
TID are making great effort to let people’s trip safer and life more wonderful.

Recent News

In this changeable world, wise man will get the inion earlier than others.
Coming frequently, to be the wise man in optic area.

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Service and Application Area

Apparently, we mainly serve for people’s trip safety and wonderful life.
Application area of products include roadway safety, reflective advertising painting, optic material processing,glow products, fashionable decoration, lamp decoration devices etc.

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Technology Support

We supply superior quality products, optical resolution and professional technology support for you.

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Interpreting TID Brand

All we do is make those people who trust TID finally witness their foresight.

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Learn More TID

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